The Best Beaches In Aruba


Beaches in Aruba are some of the most beautiful and captivating in the world. This island paradise is located in the Caribbean sea, fourteen miles off the coast of Venezuela. The beaches of Aruba are so inviting that many cruise ship passengers who dock in Oranjestad (the island’s capital) forego the usual activities of shopping and casino play to spend a day just enjoying the water!

white long sandy beach with palm trees  in Aruba

Aruba’s beaches host a variety of sights to been seen, each perfect for different activities. On the eastern shore of Aruba, huge waves crash against the rocks, great for sight seeing, but not for swimming. But, on the western side, it’s all about gentle, calm waters. To inspire your next summer vacation trip, we’ve rounded up our favorite beaches in Aruba.

Traveling To Beaches In Aruba

Colorful buildings in Oranjestad, Aruba with a view of the sea and mountains in the background

Aruba and its beaches are currently open to with some safety regulations in place. All travelers to Aruba must fill out a health questionnaire prior to departure. They must also take a COVID-19 PCR test and have negative results. Masks are required during flight, in the airport, and at your hotel until you reach your room. Before embarking on your beach vacation in Aruba make sure to double check the entry requirements on their website.

Beautiful Beaches of Aruba

Baby Beach

Baby Beach is a great family friendly beach in Aruba. Nestled in the Southern tip, this lagoon has very shallow waters, ideal for those with small children. Baby Beach is also a great place to practice your laps, as you can swim a far distance and still touch the sandy bottom!

This beautiful beach is in the shape of a half moon, protecting you from the wilder waves of the Caribbean. Put your face in the water and you’ll see schools of colorful fish darting in every direction. This is the perfect place for a beginning snorkeler to get the hang of it without having to combat wave action.

An aerial view of Baby Beach, with white sands and blue ocean, one of the best beaches in Aruba.

Rodgers Beach is another family friendly beach you’ll want to visit if you’re looking to escape the crowds. During the week its very quiet, while on the weekends you’ll find many locals families spending time there. It is a quick minute ride West from Baby Beach.

Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach is north of Oranjestad and is the favorite spot for condo resorts known as “Low Rises.” It has been named one of the best beaches in the world and is the widest beach in Aruba. This special beach is also known for housing two beautiful Fofoti trees. Fofoti trees look like large bonsai trees with their trunks twisted up like a work of art.

Two Fofoti trees on the shoreline of Eagle Beach, a beach in Aruba.

Eagle beach can be sparsely populated in some areas, thanks to its size, and there’s a nice roped off swimming area that extends for quite a distance. It’s easy to get a beach chair on Eagle Beach where you can relax and sip on a tropical cocktail! Fun Fact: You can find many turtles and their nests on Eagle beach- keep your eyes open during the season!

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is one of the most well-known beaches in Aruba. This stretch of sand is where the “High Rises,” elegant hotels with beautifully-landscaped grounds make their popular statement. Palm Beach is the image that most travelers have of Aruba.

Here, you can bask under palm trees in between swims in the ocean or beautiful pools, and then return to your 5 star luxury hotel room to get dressed for dining in one of the many excellent restaurants in the area. Feeling lucky? There are lots of great casinos located on Palm Beach, as well.

Palm beach in Aruba with blue waters, high rise hotels, and people on the beach swimming and sunbathing.

The pathways between the hotels on Palm Beach are lined with tropical flowers and one hotel has an aviary with birds reflecting every color in the rainbow. You’ll also find high end boutique shops scattered amongst the hotels and in shopping malls across the street. If you want to be close to great amenities and action, Palm Beach is definitely a great beach in Aruba.

Arashi Beach

The northernmost beach of Aruba is Arashi Beach, the best snorkeling spot on the island. It has beautiful white sand and the perfect amount of surf.

Its great for body surfing, swimming, and exploring the underwater wildlife. Arashi beach is a popular beach among the locals, with its laid back vibes, beach bar and huts, and the occasional live music show!

Arashi beach in Aruba with the California Lighthouse on a cliff in the distance, palm trees, sandy coast, blue water, and people enjoying the beach

Take a short hike to visit the California Lighthouse up on a nearby cliff. The views are breathtaking and worth every step!

So which is the best beach? Ask ten different people and you’ll get ten different answers. If you’re a snorkeler or surfer, go to Arashi but you’ll need a car or taxi to get there as it’s beyond the end of the bus line.

For elegance near the hotels, try Palm Beach, but you won’t be alone on the beach as this is the most popular one. For a laid-back experience with good swimming and free beach loungers, go to Eagle, and for a family-safe ocean that you can really wade in, Baby Beach is the ticket.

Don’t forget to pack some essentials for you trip like protective sun tops, for spending time on the water and being active on the beach, Turkish towels, and sunglasses!

A beach vacation to Aruba will show you why it is known as “one happy island.” The warmth of its people, warm weather, charming towns, and beautiful beaches will have you revisiting this Caribbean island again and again!

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