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Linda Sheppard went to a gypsy encampment in England when she was 15. When she climbed into one of the brightly colored caravans the gypsy took her hand and said “Ah it’s always nice to meet another gypsy.”

Linda started traveling the world at age 18 and has since traveled to 29 countries.

Past trips include a 6-month sail in a wooden sailboat from New Zealand to Indonesia with visits to New Caledonia, walks around the Solomon Islands, and treks through the New Guinea Highlands staying with (retired) cannibals.

She climbed volcanoes and ruins, swam with barracuda, and sailed and sunk a catamaran in Central America. While there she slept in too many hammocks to count.

Her favorite countries are Australia and Guatemala, where the beautiful culture is forever embedded in her heart. Future international travels, however, are almost exclusively planned for Europe, a part of the world she saved for “retirement”.

Linda loves dessert as well as travel but finds the two together are a powerful combination. Southern pralines, Australian pavlova, Caribbean rum cake, and Italian tiramisu are all fondly remembered.

Linda lives in Victoria, B.C. with her Aussie husband, her incredibly spoiled spaniel Bodhi, two rescue budgies Buki and Billie, and her 1330 cc motorcycle “The Wanderer.”


Esther Diaz is a worldwide traveler that grew up in Los Angeles, California. Her passion for travel began at an early age and she has traveled to 20 countries in Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

She recently made a career transformation as a licensed civil engineer to pursue her passion for travel full-time. Her love for traveling began on her first trip to London where she had her first taste of the European culture, architecture, and cuisine. Esther enjoys going off the beaten path and exploring the road less traveled.


She loves the adventure of discovering hidden gems, meeting the locals, and immersing herself in the culture and food. Through her stories, she will share with you the five senses of each destination: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Her mission is to take her readers on a cultural adventure that will encourage them to travel the world.

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Anna Dykeman is a traveler, blogger, and entrepreneur who can’t keep herself still. She’s always on the move, whether working hard on a new passion project or exploring a new city as a part-time digital nomad.

Dare to keep up? Check out The Tatted Nomad for everything digital nomad, social media marketing, mental health, and travel (and to see her latest addition, Novah, her service dog and travel companion).

As a psychotherapist (to be) she also offers insights about your mental healhealth-relatedstions – anything you see that isn’t covered but you have questions about? Let her know!


Jo Clark calls South Carolina’s Grand Strand home. Favorite topics for articles are food, wineries, and the exciting facets of small-town America, especially those that are off-the-beaten-path. As an award-winning photographer, my favorite subjects include nature, wildlife, and beautiful scenes throughout the country. Living up to her Instagram name, Jo may not go everywhere, but she sure tries!

Jo contributes to NRV magazine; Food, Wine, Travel magazine; Garden Destinations; Play, Stay, Eat; FoodieFlashpacker; blogs for Visit Natural North Florida, Visit Myrtle Beach, and Have Glass Will Travel among other publications.

Jo loves to find ‘off the beaten path’ places, quietly observing the area and animals, taking photographs, and enjoying the scenery. She loves learning about the history of a place, its food, and its wine! She often says, “I love food and I’ll eat anything that doesn’t eat me first!”